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Revival for Recovery

We offered a free event to the Community to show our support for the Recovery Community. The event was open to the public and we had vendors from local recovery programs to answer any questions for those dealing with addiction or for a loved one. We were so thankful for all the local restaurants that donated their delicious food and treats for this event! God was present...I could feel all the love. The weather and atmosphere was breathtaking. For us to be able to see the Community come together to witness all the smiles and laughter was incredibly special. We were so grateful for everyone who came out to show their support for this cause.

Revival for Recovery has a special meaning to my family and I. Revival means to overcome with strength. I was able to overcome my disease and it takes strength everyday to not fall back into those bad habits. Revival for Recovery is dedicated to my Mother, Ann, who still suffers with alcoholism and unmedicated bipolar disorder. If you've seen our Unique Mobile Mocktail Beverage Bar you may have noticed the copper touches. The copper is in honor of my Mother who still currently suffers and refuses to get the help she needs. As for many of us, our families are imperfect and that's okay. It's when you decide to make a change and break the cycle so the future generations don't have to bare that type of pain as past generations. In my case it was four generations. I thank God everyday for giving me two daughters. Honestly, I thought I'd be a boy Mom, but God had other plans for me. He must have known that I was strong enough to break the cycle.

With our eagerness to get this idea up and running, Revival for Recovery is currently mobile. Our vision is to open a facility for our Community to have a safe, modern space to attend once they enter back into their Community after a Rehab Program, or Sober Living. When we enter a 28 day program and are put back into our Community with the same surroundings, it can be extremely difficult to be successful with our Recovery. We want people to be able to come somewhere they feel safe and can socialize without Booze or drugs. Revival for Recovery will offer self care, meetings, and safe space for families in Recovery to come together with other families to enjoy adventures together, and of course music, small eats, coffee and MOCKTAILS! Hey listen, just because we're sober doesn't mean we don't like to have fun! Honestly, the adventures are just beginning! I'm in year three of my sobriety and my life the past few years has been some of the most remarkable, memorable experiences and most of all, I've been present with my family.

We can't wait to make this dream a reality! Thank you for your support of our small business. Please let us know if you or a loved one is need of resources. We are glad to help in anyway we can.

Stay Strong,

The Paradis Family

Thank you again to all of our Recovery Programs that came out to help show your support and to the local restaurants that donated their delicious food, coffee and donuts. Thank you for the entertainment from Friendly Entertainment and Foxes Photo Booth We are so grateful for the beautiful flowers from Thistle and Twig Floral Design

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